ALCOLAB™ Testpoint RentalMultiple-use Breathalyzer Rental

  • 545.00 $ CA

Perfect for the holidays (Christmas or other), golf tournament, wine and cheese tastings and any other event where alcohol is served!

A prevention tool valued by companies!

Employees appreciate this thoughtful gesture from their employer!

We offer you the possibility to rent multiple-use-breathalyser for all your events where alcohol is served including, Christmas feast, golf tournaments, wine and cheese tastings, 5 to 7s, retirements, marriages or other. You and your guests will have peace of mind with this prevention tool at your event.

Did you know at corporate evenings, more than 40% of persons tested exceed the legal limit for driving a car (0.08) and more than half of these don’t doubt their driving abilities? This leads us to think that more than 20% of people unfit to drive could end up on our roads ...

  • You will offer an ethical, responsible and trendy service.
  • It’s a solution  appreciated by those invited
  • You will enjoy peace of mind
  • It will provide an excellent brand image
  • You help avoid accidents or unwanted incidents.
  • It’s a solution to protect you legally, if applicable.  

We recommend that you contact the distributor of your choice to ensure the availability of the desired product.

  • Alco Prevention Canada
  • Alco Prevention Canada
  • The device allows for an unlimited number of tests.
  • Results are obtained in less than 10 seconds, using a 4-digit display for blood alcohol content (0.000).
  • The rental includes the presence of a technician ensuring proper use of the device and is able to answer questions.
  • Several of our technicians are son track to become a police officer in the near future.
  • The cost of the rental is $445, with an additional $100 for the presence of the technician for a maximum period of 6 hours. An additional $25 will be charged per hour for each additional hour. Travel expenses for the technician may be added depending on where the event is held.
  • We recommend 1 device per 500 people.
  • Book the date and time of your event as soon as possible to ensure availability, especially during Christmas.
Contact us for more information on rentals of breathalyzer.

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