Alcotest® 5510 DrägerElectronic Breathalyzer for Enterprises

  • 1,225.00 $ CA

The Dräger Alcotest® 5510, a breathalyzer with an electrochemical sensor. It’s compact and highly valued for companies looking for a top quality product.

The Dräger Alcotest® 5510 complies with the standards of EN 60068-2-6 E and EN 60068-2-29 in terms of resistance to shock and vibration.

The Dräger Alcotest® 5510 is easy to use, with a  single button controlling all functions of measurement. It gives results to 3 decimal places (0.000) and is equipped with an alarm that sounds when the rate is higher than the legal limit.

The Dräger Alcotest® 5510 keeps the last 10 tests in its memory.

The Dräger Alcotest® 5510 contains a light emitting diode (LED) display with 3 different colors to differentiate the warning messages.

The Dräger Alcotest® 5510 displays different sound signals to bear the warning messages.

  • Sensor: electrochemical
  • Detection: 0.000 to 0.500% tray (blood alcohol content)
  • Accuracy (margin of error): ± 0.05 (0.05%) *(See FAQ)
  • Display: 4 digits (0.000)
  • Dimensions: 7.5 cm x 14.2 cm x 3.6 cm
  • Included: 3 mouthpieces
                     Wrist strap (belt for transport)
                     Plastic case
  • Suggested Calibration: every 12 months or 1000 tests
  • Warming time: 6 seconds
  • Works with : 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: $225.00

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  • Alco Prevention Canada
  • Alco Prevention Canada

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