Alcotest® 6820 Dräger, non-DOT CompliantElectronic Breathalyzer for Enterprises

  • 1,925.00 $ CA

The Dräger Alcotest® 6820 distributed by Alco Prevention Canada is a breathalyzer intended for professionals due to its superior resistance. This device is compact, distinguished by its short response times and is consistent with international regulations. Equipped with a unit even more solid and a Dräger sensor experienced, the Dräger Alcotest® 6820 analysis the rate of alcohol present in the expired air.

The Dräger Alcotest® 6820 is composed of robust material making it resistant to harsh weather such as cold temperatures or moisture, meeting the requirements of the class of protection IP 54.

The Dräger Alcotest® 6820  conforms with standards: EN60068-2-6, EN 60068-2-27, EN 60068-2-64, and MIL-STD 810F in terms of resistance to shock and vibration.

The Dräger Alcotest® 6820 is equipped with a specific electrochemical sensor made by Dräger to make it evidential. This sensor is distinguished by its quick response time, accuracy and durability. The results of the test are always reliable, even at temperatures of -5°C or +50 °C. Even with a high concentration of alcohol, the sensor provides fast, accurate results during active or passive readings.

Thanks to its large memory capacity, the Dräger Alcotest® 6820  can store up to 5000 results and includes a date and timestamp. Its wireless interface allows infrared directly on site, data can be transferred to the Dräger mobile printer. In addition, this data can be saved on a computer, printed or archived, via a USB connection, which can also be used to configure the device.

  • Sensor: electrochemical
  • Detection: 0.000 to 0.500% tray (blood alcohol content)
  • Accuracy (margin of error): ± 0.05 (0.05%) *(See FAQ)
  • Display: 4 digits (0.000) LED display, utilizing 3 colors for messages and alerts
  • Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 14.7 cm x 3.9 cm
  • Included: 3 mouthpieces
                     Wrist strap (belt for transport)
                     Plastic case
  • Suggested Calibration: every 12 months or 1000 tests
  • Warming time: 2 to 3 seconds
  • Works with: 2 AA batteries included
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: $925.00

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  • Alco Prevention Canada
  • Alco Prevention Canada

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