Questions about our breathalyzers and our services?

Q: What is the legal limit of alcohol within Canada to drive a vehicle?

In Canada, the legal limit provided by the Criminal Code is 0.08%. By contrast, a rate lower than 0.08 may have adverse effects on one’s conduct. For this reason, almost all provinces and territories of Canada impose administrative permit suspensions for drivers who display rates of alcohol at 0.05% or more, the suspension can last for a period ranging from 24 hours to 7 days depending on the province or territory.

*Note: Province of Saskatchewan administrates suspensions at 0.04%.

Q: What is the legal amount of blood alcohol content in order to drive outside of Canada?

In the 20 most industrialized countries in the world, the allowed blood alcohol rate is equal to or less than 0.05. This rate is much more frequent than 0.08, found in Canada and the United States. In Canada however, driving is prohibited by offenders from anywhere between one to three years, longer than any other jurisdiction that has adopted a 0.08 rate.

Q: Do consumer breathalyzer use the same sensors found in police breathalyzers?

R: Our consumer devices are equipped with an electrochemical sensor, a sensor of the same type as those used in police grade breathalyzers.

Q: How accurate are our breathalyzers?

R: Our breathalyzers are fitted with an electrochemical sensor for results with a margin of error at ± 5% and those equipped with a semi-driver sensors display a margin at ± 10%. Furthermore, these margins of error are similar to other breathalyzers and several other electronic devices (other than breath alcohol testing) sold on the market.

Q: Is our breath alcohol testing units FDA certified?

R: Yes, all our breathalyzers are certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Q: How do I choose a breathalyser that suits me best?

R: Your device choice depend on your needs, your use, your budget, your aesthetic preferences and/or other important criteria for you. Everyone needs a little help with this. Alco Prevention Canada offers among other things, the APC-90 model, an electronic breathalyzer recognized as number 1 in Sweden for its reliability, similar to protect yourself. In addition, APC-90 is the most sold device at Alco Prevention Canada.
You can contact one of our representatives for more information on our breath alcohol testing devices at 1 888 863-8660.

Q: What does BAC mean?

R: BAC is the acronym of blood alcohol content. This rate corresponds to the numbers shown on your breathalyser when you blow into the device.

Q: Can I reuse my mouthpiece?

R: Yes, all of our mouthpieces provided with the packaging of our devices or sold separately are reusable and washable, use warm soapy water to clean.

Q: Can I use my breathalyser outside in the winter?

R: Yes, but only on at acceptable temperature thresholds for the device. Please consult your instruction manual for more information.
By contrast, it is strongly recommended not to keep your breathalyzer in cold or warm temperatures, particularly in your car where the temperatures differ greatly. The hot and cold can affect the sensor (the centerpiece which detects the rate of alcohol) and, it could possibly render the devicec unusable due to the moisture within the interior of car.

Q: What is the best way to preserve my breathalyzer?

R:   Always keep your device inside at ambient temperature. Make sure the breathalyzer is not used/stored in environments that are extremely hot or cold or subjected to direct light.
Leaving the device in your car should be avoided at all costs due to the large fluctuations in temperatures.

Q: How many times do I need to calibrate my device?

R: It is recommended to calibrate your breathalyser to every 6 to 12 months or 100 to 1000 tests, depending on the type of device you have and your usage. Kindly refer to your instruction guide for more information. For the calibration procedure for your device, refer to the calibration section.

Q: Is my device covered under warranty? If yes, what is covered?

R: Yes, our breathalyzers are guaranteed 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Please retain your invoice as proof. The warranty covers parts and labor (with the exception of the sensor). The damage caused by improper use and poor handling are the responsibility of the owner.

Q: What do I do if my device is defective?

R: In the event of a device defect under warranty, purchased at Alco Prevention Canada or from one of our distributors, please contact us at 1888 863-8660, extension 2044.
In case of a malfunction after the expiry of your warranty, if purchased at Alco Prevention Canada or from one of our distributors, please send it to us with all the information relating to the problem accompanied by the completed forms. You can refer to the Guarantee Section for information on repair.

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