Glasses Simulating Alcohol Consumption

Glasses Simulating Alcohol Consumption

The impairment Goggles are an excellent prevention tool which can be used by everyone. Better than a long talk, theses goggles will show the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption during simulated exercices and show people how dangerous it could be in a real situation.

Sometimes called Drunk Goggles, Beer Goggles, Drunk Glasses, Impaired Driving Awareness, DWI, OWI, Underage Drinking, Impairment Goggle, Fatal Vision® Goggles, these goggles are the perfect tool to create awareness and promote road safety

The impairment Goggles use an optical technology which enables the user to be in the same situation as somebody in a state of inebriation with the effects going with it like; destabilization, misrepresentation of reality, reaction time. Which appears to be simple activities like walk along a line on the ground, balancing on one leg, hold out your hand to grab a bunch of keys, or throw a ball, are in fact, really hard and proove to each users the danger of abusive alcohol consumption.

These activities are a good start for those who want to follow more academic courses.

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The participants are first doing some simple activities without wearing the impairment goggles in order to see how it goes when you are sober.
After that, they will do these exercises wearing the impairment Goggles. Without the impairment Goggles, they can easily do all the activities proposed during the training. After they start wearing it, they will realize that they need to focus a lot on objects and barely be able to walk straight. They will feel exactly like somebody under the influence of alcohol.
As a result, participants will be truly aware about alcohol risks on your daily activities as well as how it modifies your perception.


The simulation goggles are designed for PROFESSIONAL use. We distribute world-class eyewear for several years now, thanks to the quality of its distortion filters, which reproduce the effects of alcohol, drugs and driver tiredness.
The strengh of the simulation glasses is guaranteed for 5 years as all glasses are made with the highest quality materials: PVC frame, filters (protected from scratches) and unbreakable polycarbonate screen.
We sells professional simulation glasses, so Why pay more? Discover our range of simulation glasses at the lowest prices. Feel free to contact us by e-mail to have a confidential estimate personalized quotation. We will certainly be the cheapest on the market.
Alco Prevention Canada goggles are also known as beer goggles, drunk goggles, drunk glasses, alcohol simulation goggles, drug goggles, cannabis goggles, marijuana goggles, sleepiness goggles, Fatal vision goggles ®.

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