Profile and Quality Certifications


Since 1989, Alco Prevention Canada, a Canadian company, is unquestionably the leader in the prevention of drinking and driving with sales up to 30 million units of its popular Alco-Tube Plus, single-use, alcohol tester. Official supplier to the US Army, the company also has 4,000 points of sale and is represented by 25 offices across the world.

Alco Prevention Canada offers individuals single-use and electronic breathalyzers. Alco Prevention Canada offers breathalyzers rental to perform an unlimited number of tests for companies at their corporate events (office celebrations : Christmas, golf tournaments, galas, 5 to 7, etc.). The rental or purchase of such a device is possible for different organizations such as: banquet halls, bars, restaurants and other establishments where alcohol is served.

Alco Prevention Canada also works in the prevention and management of substance use (drugs, alcohol and medication) in business by offering a complete training program adapted to the particular context of each employee. Businesses can also have recourse to complementary products and services such as the drafting of a policy and procedure for intervention as well as screening tests.


  • All our breathalyzers are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
  • Our single-use breathalyzers, Alcograd are approved by MADD Canada and the FDA and are certified by TÜV, a European certification quality company.
  • We are a company approved trainer by the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition (approval number #0052891).
  • We are a proud partner of MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drug Driving), a charity to aid the victims and families of road accidents related to alcohol impaired driving. In addition, we give them an annual amount derived from Alcograd and Alco-Tube Plus sales.

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