RedlineSingle Use Breathalyzer

Redline is a single-use breath tester with a bag that’s reliable and economical. It has been recognized by the French Government as an alcohol detection tool for drivers. In addition, they must always have one in a state of operation in their motor vehicle at all times (car, two wheels: moped, motorcycle).

REDLINE is a single-use breath tester with a bag allowing consumers to measure their blood alcohol rate simply by blowing into a tube. This product is innovative and unique within the market.


  • Economic
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick results, in less than 2 minutes
  • Small and lightweight
  • It slips easily into the pocket of any shirt or hand bag

  • Dimensions: 10 cm length x 1 cm diameter (diameter of a pencil)
  • Weight: 6.0 grams
  • Results: appear in 2 minutes
  • Delay after alcoholic beverage: wait 20 minutes after the last consumption.
  • Delay after having smoked: Wait 5 minutes after the last cigarette
  • Duration of life: inscribed on the packaging (approximately 24 months).
  • Prices and quantities are available upon request, contact us.

We recommend that you contact the distributor of your choice to ensure the availability of the desired product.

  • Alco Prevention Canada
  • Alco Prevention Canada

Each tube (alcohol detector) contains yellow crystals which turn green in the presence of alcohol, when the rate of alcohol is located in the vicinity of 0.02% (BAC). The change in the green colour takes place gradually departing from one end to the other, as little as the change of the temperature on a thermometer. The more green crystals present, the higher the alcohol rate. The person tested must blow a certain volume of air in order to inflate the plastic bag the device comes with. The detector is then attached to the bag and the air collected in the latter is then pressed through the tube which contains the crystals.

If the crystals change colour from yellow to green, then the rate of alcohol is located at 0.02% or more.

If the colour change reached one of the red lines drawn on the tube, then the rate of alcohol is located at either 0.05% or 0.08% depending at what level the colouration reached.

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