Smart Anti-Texting Device Smart Anti-Texting Device

Smart Anti-Texting Device

  • 495.00 $ CA

      Our Smart Anti-Texting Device is the first automatic locking system that prevents a driver from holding their cell phone while driving and
      is equipped with real-time monitoring of cell phone use.

      This device is perfect for:

      • Vehicle fleet managers

      • Companies that have representatives on the road

      • Parents worried that their children may be using their cell phones while driving
      • Drivers who want to enhance safety or self-discipline
      • Companies that have assembly lines and want to ensure their employees do not use their cell phones during working hours 

      Smart Anti-Texting Device
      Our Smart Anti-Texting device prevents the driver from holding their cell phone in their hand. It is also equipped with real-time monitoring of cell phone use while driving.

      A few of the Smart features!
      • Automatic locking of the cell phone to prevent a driver from accessing their cell phones texting function. 
      • Option to identify if the cell phone placed in the Smart Anti-Texting device belongs to the driver via an RFID chip. Users, such as fleet managers or parents, are then reassured that the driver has       placed their cell phone in the Smart Anti-Texting device. 
      • Integrated GPS
      • Secure web portal for real-time display of cell phone usage
      • Alarm sound trigger in case of infringement 
      • Ability to record up to 10,000 events
      • Compatible with all cell phone models
      • Easy installation to vehicles dashboard


      • Affordable solution

      • Significant reduction in the risk of collision (23% decrease)

      • Possibility of reducing insurance premiums

      • Enables compliance with the Highway Safety Code

      Perfect for parents or drivers who want to enhance safety or self-discipline

      Activate the Bluetooth option on your cell phone and place it in the Smart Anti-Texting device to immobilize your cell phone and prevent you from texting while driving. On a secure web portal, you will see in real time whether the cell phone has been placed in the Anti-Texting device or not.

      For vehicles fleets, the statistics of the transport industry (NTSB-US) are alarming...

      80% of drivers admit having used a cell phone while driving in the last 30 days

      • Average cost per accident: $ 148,000 USD

      Texting while driving is a serious danger...

      Taking your eyes off the road for 4 to 6 seconds to read a text while driving at 90 km/h is like crossing a football field with your eyes closed. 1

      • Texting while driving can increase the risk of a collision by up to 23 times 2

       Our Smart Anti-Texting device, is the perfect tool to protect all drivers: representatives, truck drivers, teenagers and even...yourself.

      * It is also possible to use an integrated LTE solution offered by a telephone service.

      1. SAAQ - Driving requires your full attention. Avoid distractions. 

      2. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

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