TEMP-ID - Contactless Access Control System

  • 1,995.00 $ CA

The TEMP-ID allows the measurement of the body temperature and the detection of the mask wearing. It also includes a hand sanitizer dispenser.

The TEMP-ID is a 3-in-1 system that allows you to enforce health measures.

3 features that help to avoid contamination between individuals.

1. Body temperature measurement

TEMP-ID allows to take the body temperature in less than a second with a margin error of only 0.3%, even at a distance between 0.5 and 1.5 meters, unlike other infrared thermometers that require the subject to be near the person doing the test. In addition to the digital temperature display, it emits an audio and video message indicating whether the temperature is normal or not. To preserve anonymity, the data is not saved.

2. Mask wearing detection

Thanks to its 2 high-resolution cameras, the TEMP-ID detects whether the subject is wearing a mask or not, and if not, it will emit an audio message as well as a display on the screen asking him to wear a mask. The cameras work even in low light.

3. Integrated hand sanitizer dispenser

To ensure compliance with hygiene measures, hand disinfection is another condition to be met. The TEMP-ID features a non-contact hand sanitizer (please use a gel) dispenser. Just run your hands under the dispenser to receive the correct dose of product.


  • Excellent Display: The TEMP-ID features a full view 8-inch IPS LCD screen.
  • Autonomous: the TEMP-ID is delivered ready to be used since the distance parameters are already defined. You just need to plug it into a regular outlet.
  • Advantageous: given all its features, the TEMP-ID can prevent you from closing your establishment if, for example, customers, visitors, or even employees presented themselves with a fever, were not wearing a mask, or were not disinfecting their hands. The TEMP-ID helps ensure that all these health requirements are met.
  • Sleek and Robust: Elegantly constructed, the TEMP-ID can match any decor. It is waterproof dustproof and stable.
  • Different module heights are available to meet the specific needs of certain businesses. For example, in a school setting, the TEMP-ID could be adjusted to a different height since children are shorter than adults.

Other features

  • Multilangual: possibility to change the language spoken and displayed on the screen. Among the languages offered: English, French, Polish, German, Russian, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Czech, Romanian and others.
  • Efficient Face Recognition: Possibility to activate facial recognition with a recognition rate of over 97.7% and an error margin of 0.1% and a result given in less than one second.
  • Possibility of supplementing the protection: can be connected to a barrier system with a turnstile or a door with automatic locking to give access to people who have complied with the conditions.

The TEMP-ID, an ideal tool for all types of businesses

  • Retail businesses
  • Offices
  • Medical and Dental Clinics
  • Beauty Centers
  • Fitness Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Factories
  • Air transport and other types of transportation industries
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Trade Shows




8 inch

800 × 1280



Local Storage

Rk3288 four cores/ rk3399 six cores/ msm8953 eight cores





Focal distance

White balance


Wide dynamic binocular camera

50 to 150 cm



Light Filling

Dual LED and infrared lighting


Network module




Relay output

Interface Wiegand

Upgrade button


Ethernet Support wireless (WiFi)

Support 2.5W / 4R horn

1*USB OTG,1*USB HOST Standard A port



1*26/34 output,1*26/34 input

Uboot Sport Upgrade Button



Face detection

Database capacity

Detection of foreigners

Detection distance

Interface configuration

Remote update

Device interface

Comparison according to database

30 000





The interface includes equipment management. Management of staff photos.

Infrared thermal imaging module

The human body - temperature sensing

Detection distance of temperature


Measures Scale

Thermal imaging field of view

Overheating alert


1 meter

≤ ± 0.2 ℃

Between 10 ℃ and 42 ℃

32 X 32 ℃


General settings

Degree of protection


Operating temperature

Storage temperature


Mounting type



IP65, dustproof and waterproof functions

12 V DC (±10%)

-10 ℃ to 60 ℃

-20 ℃ to 60 ℃

13.5 W (Max)

Installation on gate system

238.24 x 128 x 25 (mm)

1.45 kg

We recommend that you contact the distributor of your choice to ensure the availability of the desired product.

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