The Breathalyzer Advantage

We hear a lot about alcohol detectors. Commonly known as breathalyzers or alcohol testers, these devices are used to measure breath alcohol content (BrAC). Law enforcement around the world utilize alcohol detectors for their accuracy, since the alcohol rate shown within a breath sample is similar that of a blood sample.

Alcohol detectors are frequently used during social gatherings, for example at festivals. These devices also aid police officers when taking steps to ensure strict control over impaired driving.

When drinking, it is difficult to know and gauge one’s own alcohol level, which can then lead risky decisions to take to the road solely based on personal judgment. In 2016, over 62,000 people in Canada had an alcohol level above the legal limit of 0.08 BrAC. In Quebec, more than 15,000 people had a criminal record due to drinking and driving.

An alcohol detector allows individuals to analyze their own breath alcohol level and make an informed decision about their ability to drive; allowing them to act responsibly. Portable breathalyzers are ideal for those who wish to drink socially and not drive with a breath alcohol level that exceeds the legal limit.

Although alcohol detector can measure the level of alcohol in the breath, which is similar to one’s blood alcohol level, it does not directly measure one’s blood alcohol level. To do this, a blood sample must be taken. Alcohol detector can be used by police officers, individuals, or employers under certain conditions and circumstances.

Alcohol detectors on the market are inexpensive compared to those used by police officers, but when the alcohol detector utilizes an electrochemical sensor for analyzing breath alcohol samples, they can be just as accurate. Personal alcohol detectors cannot be used for legal use, only evidential alcohol tests used by police officer can be brought into court as evidence, but personal alcohol testers are very useful as a preventive measure.

Some people believe that chewing mints, eating onions or using an alcohol-free mouthwash can reduce their alcohol levels, but that is not true. There are no tricks!

If you are looking for a reliable alcohol detector that is certified by the Food and Drug Administration, Alco Prevention Canada's alcohol detectors are the most affordable solution. Alco Prevention Canada has been in business for over 28 years and is a leader in the breath alcohol industry.

The various types of devices distributed by Alco Prevention Canada are: Alco Control Mini, Alco Mini 08, APC-80, APC-90 and i Alco Supreme; BACtrack Trace, BACtrack S 75,and BACtrack S 80; Alcograd and Alco-Tube Plus disposable alcohol testers; The Dräger Alcootest® 6820 Dräger and the Alcootest® 6810 Dräger models.

In addition, several of these models have produced results similar to police grade alcohol testers in a study conducted by Protégez-Vous and CAA Québec.

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