Enterprise Training Programs

Enterprise Training Programs

Substance abuse within businesses is unfortunately on the rise globally.

In addition, did you know that on average 10% of employees come to work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or drugs? In certain sectors of activity or certain regions, the percentage may be even higher.

What are the consequences?

  • More than 20% of occupational accidents are caused by substance abuse
  • Decrease in productivity
  • Increase in insurance premiums and Collective Responsibility
  • Climate and security of affected work
In order to help businesses counter this problem, Alco Prevention Canada has established several types of training programs adapted to each category of employees. Whether you're managers, preventionists, supervisors, nurses or any other type of employees, we have a training tailored for you. We also offer you complementary products and services, such as the drafting of a policy, of screening tests for drugs and more.  
Why let us help you…


  • We are a body approved trainer by the The Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (approval number #0052891).
  • We are pioneers and have acquired an expertise in the field of the prevention and management of substances abuse for business.
  • Training session and webinar deductible in the framework of the Act to promote the development and recognition of skills in the workforce under certain conditions.
  • Solutions and concrete tools to improve health and safety at work (Bill C-21)
  • Reduction of accidents, increased productivity and better work atmosphere.
  • Training for your managers, supervisors and preventionists - Prevent and act legally Awareness seminar for your employees Information stand for your employees to learn the consequences of substance use (OSH day).
  • Webinar Training (Online) – how to prevent and intervene effective, concrete ways

Policy and Procedures for Intervention: drafting of a policy and procedure for intervention, tools for detection and  screening.

  • Interactive approach: goggles simulating a drunk, quizzes, video and images-shock, etc.

Do not wait until the problem is present or makes a large impact, act now and see the descriptions for our training programs.

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