Enterprise Training Program Awareness Stand - SST Day

Awareness Stand - SST DayEnterprise Training Program

Private life at work: expose the dangers linked to alcohol, drug and medicine consumption.

Alco Prevention Canada offers you the ability to hold a workshop to raise awareness. One of our trainers will arrive at work place to educate your employees on the impact of the consumption of substances within the workplace. An ideal concept for your days of Health and Safety at Work, an unlimited number of employees can attend the workshop.

Our awareness workshop aims to:

  • Improve the knowledge of participants with respect to the impact and consequences of the consumption of alcohol, drugs or medicine in order to prevent incidents and accidents on the road and in the workplace.

Our awareness workshop includes:

  • Banners and murals depicting various topics related to the use of alcohol and drugs in terms of driving, the facts on the elimination of alcohol, the harm of drugs on the vigilance, the main illicit drugs and their harmful effects, the facts concerning the cannabis on the mental and physical health, etc.
  • A video showing hazardous situations and accidents potentially related to the abuse of substances
  • A presentation and demonstration on detection tools and screening tests used by the company
  • A glasses test simulating the conditions of intoxication by alcohol and drugs
  • Brochures and leaflets relating to drugs and alcohol
  • A game-completed questionnaire collectively aimed to check the level of understanding of the workplace participants
  • A personal single-use breathalyser, the Alcograd*
  • A draw for an electronic breathalyzer among the participants in the game-questionnaire.

More specifically, the content and the objectives are the following:

  • Understand the crucial concepts in relation to the consumption and the elimination of alcohol, illicit drugs, drugs (licit drugs) and energy drinks and their impact on personal health.
  • Awareness on consumption problems and understanding the impacts on health and safety at work.
  • Knowledge on detection tools and screening tests are privileged by the company.
  • Knowledge on resources for employee assistance and support available.

This workshop may be spread over a period of 1 to 7 hours.

New! We added an additional prevention tool to our workshop: a journey with obstacles, allowing people to test their ability to walk with glasses test simulating the conditions of intoxication by alcohol and drugs to showcase when consuming alcohol, it can be really difficult to drive. The route is large format, either to 1.55 m (5 ft.) On 4.60 m (15 ft.) and presents twists of the most unusual. In addition, its original design and appeal will capture the public attention and the animation will be successful thanks to the multiple accessories fun.

* 100 tubes are included in the service, additional tubes can be purchased.

For more information, please contact us at 1 888 863-8660, pricing can vary depending on the number of participants and the services to which you subscribe.

We recommend that you contact the distributor of your choice to ensure the availability of the desired product.

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