preventing substance abuse in the workplace
preventing substance abuse in the workplace
Training code: APC-1210

Preventing the Use and Abuse of Psychotropic Substances in the Workplace

Alco Prevention Canada offers you a comprehensive Intervention policy and procedures package in relation with the prevention of the use and abuse of psychotropic substances in the workplace (alcohol, drugs and medication). A policy in accordance with the laws, regulations and norms of Quebec and of Canada.

A policy is a written document that sets out clearly between other, prevention measures related to the psychotropic substances, regulations, the procedures for intervention and the consequences in the event of a violation to name only a few. Of course, the policy goes well beyond these elements.

The intervention procedures are incorporated between others, a step-by-step guide intended to guide the employer regarding the actions to undertake the day an employee is confronted with the problem of consumption. Other elements, such as a memory aid and forms complement the intervention procedures.