Enterprise Training Program Training In - Managers, Supervisors and Safety Practicioners

Training In - Managers, Supervisors and Safety PracticionersEnterprise Training Program

Use of Psychotropic Substances in the workplace: prevent and act in all legality

A training perfectly adapted to the context and sector of activity of your company.

We offer you training specifically designed for managers, supervisors and preventionists with employees in critical positions in terms of safety under their supervision or responsibility. Among critical positions, we find employees working on an assembly line, using machinery, a motorized vehicle or automobile, etc., It is also possible for managers and preventionists having employees working clerical jobs under their responsibility to take advantage of this training.

By attending our training, you are entitled to a tax deduction under the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition.

This training aims to:

  • Prevent incidents and accidents related to the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs affecting vigilance and behavior
  • Understand the policy and procedure for the intervention of the company in the matter of psychotropic substances

This training presented in the form of an interactive presentation and is given by one of our trainers visiting your business. It includes:

  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • The presentation and demonstration of detection tools and screening tests
  • A glasses test simulating the conditions of intoxication by alcohol and drugs
  • A period of questions
  • A discussion period
  • A short examination designed to verify the achievement of the objectives by the participants.

More specifically, the content and the objectives are the following:

  • Be aware of the magnitude of the problem and its impacts on the company.
  • Learn to know the main substances used and learn how to detect the employees under the influence of these substances.
  • Examine and understand the policy and procedure of intervention.
  • Understand the implications and the legal aspects for prevention and screening, in regard to the laws and regulations of Quebec and Canada.
  • Know how to react legally in any situation of intoxication or consumption of substances in the workplace.
  • Familiarize yourself with the tools for detection and screening tests (alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs) privileged by the company.

This training is presented under two formulas, to be either 4 hours or 7 hours in duration. For this formula, we add a practical workshop with case studies in order to check the understanding of the concepts acquired and to practice the procedures of intervention and the use of tools for detection and screening tests.

For more information, please call us at 1 888 863-8660 or contact us, price varies depending on the number of participants and the services to which you subscribe.

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