Founded in 1989, Alco Prevention Canada is a Canadian company breathalyzer specialist in canada pioneer in impaired driving due to alcohol and drugs as well as in prevention in alcohol and drug use in the workplace.
We offer you a varied range of electronic and single-use breathalysers. All of our electronic alcohol detectors (ethylometers) and single-use breathalyzers are approved by the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA).

All our electronic breathalyzers (alcohol detectors) are guaranteed for a 1 year period following the date of purchase. The warranty applies to parts and labor; The sensor is uncovered.

Our electronic breathalyzers are tested at our offices before being offered to the public.

We are a proud partner of MADD Canada (Mother Against Drug Driving), a charitable organization that helps the victims and families of road accidents related to driving with the faculties weakened by alcohol.

Our single-use breathalyzers, Alcograd are approved by this organization and we give them an annual amount from the sale. In addition, our Alcograd are TÜV certified, a European quality certification body.

We are a provider of the detectors of the Bactrack range for the following models:
Bactrack C6, Bactrack Go, Bactrack Element, Bactrack S75 Pro, Bactrack S80, Bactrack S35, Bactrack Trace and Mobile Bactrack.

We are a provider of Dräger Alcotest® for the following models: Alcotest® 5000, Alcotest® 5510, Alcotest® 5820 and Alcotest® 6820.

We are a body approved trainer by The Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (approval number # 0058509).


Since 1989, Alco Prevention Canada, a Canadian company, is unquestionably the leader in the prevention of drinking and driving with sales up to 30 million units of its popular Alco-Tube Plus, single-use, alcohol tester. Official supplier to the US Army, the company also has 4,000 points of sale and is represented by 25 offices across the world.

Alco Prevention Canada offers individuals single-use and electronic breathalyzers. Alco Prevention Canada offers breathalyzers rental to perform an unlimited number of tests for companies at their corporate events (office celebrations : Christmas, golf tournaments, galas, 5 to 7, etc.). The rental or purchase of such a device is possible for different organizations such as: banquet halls, bars, restaurants and other establishments where alcohol is served.

Alco Prevention Canada also works in the prevention and management of substance use (drugs, alcohol and medication) in business by offering a complete training program adapted to the particular context of each employee. Businesses can also have recourse to complementary products and services such as the drafting of a policy and procedure for intervention as well as screening tests.

Quality Certifications

All our breathalyzers are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Our single-use breathalyzers, Alcograd are approved by MADD Canada and the FDA and are certified by TÜV, a European certification quality company.

We are a company approved trainer by the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition (approval number #0052891).

We are a proud partner of MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drug Driving), a charity to aid the victims and families of road accidents related to alcohol impaired driving. In addition, we give them an annual amount derived from Alcograd and Alco-Tube Plus sales.

Our Distributors

Alco Prevention Canada is proud of its distributors who also fight against drunk driving and drug use by offering our products.

We recommend that you contact them to verify which products they distribute.

Alco Prevention Canada
Centre HI-FI
Docteur du pare brise
DURO Vitres d’autos
Ecole de conduite Permis Plus inc
Hélie’N Sport
Jean coutu
JSB Performance Drummondville
La clef de sol
Lebeau Vitres D’Auto
Ramko Sherbrooke
Société des alcools du Quebec SAQ
Vin et Passion
Vinum Design
Vinum Grappa
Vitro Plus

Éduc'alcool Program

Alco Prevention Canada has been a member of the Éduc’alcool Program for several years and we always encourage people to call a relative, a friend or a taxi, to have a designated driver, or to use the services of Operation  Red Nose in December. We are the exclusive distributor of Dräger breathalyzers and we offer the following models: Dräger Alcotest® 5510, Dräger Alcotest® 6820 regular and Dräger Alcotest® 6820 DOT compliant.

In addition to breathalyzers, we also offer several other prevention solutions. We are partners with designated driver service companies, such as Point Zéro 8, Tolérance Zéro Centre du Québec, Tolérance 0 Rive Sud, TZ Mauricie and TZ Capitale Nationale.

There are concrete tools on the market that can help eliminate the problem of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Since 1989, Alco Prevention Canada has been your trusted partner.

Alco Prevention is a member of the Group for Responsible driving in CanadaRCRC