The electronic breathalyzers offered by Alco Prevention Canada are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects and equipment used, with the exception of the sensor for a period of 12 months following the date of purchase. Please refer to your instruction manual or to our web site to learn more about your devices coverage.

In the event of a breathalyzer defect occuring under warranty, if purchased at Alco Prevention Canada or at one of our distributor locations, please contact us at 1 888 863-8660, extension 2044.

In case of a breathalyzer malfunction after your warranty has expired, regardless that it was purchased at Alco Prevention Canada or at a distributor location, please send it to us with all the information relating to the problem and include a completed form for calibration or to send faulty device duly completed.

Payment is only required if you are submitting your device for calibration. Upon your device’s arrival, we will contact you by phone.

Our address:

Alco Prevention Canada 4800, Highway 440 West, Suite 3 Laval (Quebec) H7T 2Z8

To ensure the delivery of and the follow-up of your device, we strongly recommend that you obtain confirmation of delivery when sending your device in.