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SOBRsafe is creating a culture of prevention through our touch-based, IoT-enabled alcohol detection platform SOBRcheck, featuring real-time remote reporting and data analytics.

We seek to:

  • Reduce current operating costs through insurance savings
  • Add significant, uniform safety measures
  • Protect against future catastrophic liabilities due to alcohol use

Technology Features

Giving employers everywhere unprecedented control over workforce (and public) safety, while eliminating a significant drag on the bottom line.

Transdermal Sensor

Alcohol detection with efficient workflow, non-invasive “go/no go” functionality, results in seconds

Real-Time Management

Wireless delivery of enterprise-wide data to a central dashboard for immediate appropriate action

Preventative Solution

SOBRsafe gets ahead of the event, helping eliminate risk in the workplace, on roadways

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Biometric Identification

Alcohol scan results tied to a privacy-compliant ID, preventing circumvention, enhancing security

Predictive Analytics

Actionable data collection empowers reduced-risk modeling, potentially lowering insurance costs

ISO 9001 Compliance

Solution and services adhere to the highest standard of quality manufacturing and customer support

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Delivery Vehicles

With an increasing dependence on home delivery, there are more trucks and vans on the road than ever before – SOBRsafe helps ensure each is operated alcohol-free


Forklifts, pallet jacks, multi-ton inventory – there is zero margin for error within a warehouse, requiring a zero-tolerance policy. SOBRsafe provides actionable data for intelligent policy management.

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Few work environments are as potentially dangerous as the factory floor. By screening for alcohol at each entry point, SOBRsafe helps employers keep workers from harm.


There are innumerable moving parts on a construction site – awareness and diligence are essential. With SOBRsafe technology at each entry point, alcohol can be removed from the equation.

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School Buses

Each month brings stories of impaired bus drivers placing students at risk. With depot-based SOBRsafe devices, they cannot take their keys, let alone the wheel.


Quietly, alcohol is a serious issue in our office environments. Harassment incidents or blown deals are grave consequences of alcohol use on company time…no more with SOBRsafe.

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Real-Time, Secure Data Delivery

Enterprise monitoring and analytics provides secure access to performance reports and trend data.

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Secure Data Delivery

The solution to more effectively manage existing company substance policies.

Real Time Data

World’s First Touch-Based Solution To Prevent Alcohol-Related Accidents

Current mandatory and reactive solutions just punish the offense. SOBRsafe helps ensure it never happens and empowers management to provide employee assistance.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Delivery & Service, School Bus

As just a single alcohol-related accident can have disastrous consequences, every commercial driver on the road must be sober. Period. But current periodic or randomized testing procedures are insufficient to ensure sober driving. Enter SOBRsafe. With centralized devices installed at the timeclock station or the keys check-out counter, every driver must demonstrate the absence of alcohol before taking the wheel, helping eliminate alcohol from the public safety equation.

Workplace Safety

Warehouse & Manufacturing

As workers with an alcohol problem are 270% more likely to have an accident, no employer can risk an impaired employee even entering the workplace. Installing the SOBRsafe solution at each point of entry ensures that management has real-time, actionable and individualized data – empowering them to efficiently take measures consistent with existing policy, without impeding workflow and production.

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