Calibration for your breathalyzer

Why does my breathalyzer need to be calibrated?

Over time, all breathalyzers, need to be calibrated. The calibration process adjusts the internal components letting the breathalyzer measures BAC (blood alcohol content) correctly, and this, at all levels detectable. If the sensor is saturated, the breathlayzer’s results may be biased. The calibration process is similar to the adjustment of a clock. When the clock is well adjusted, it displays the time precisely. By contrast, over time, the clock can lose little by little, a few minutes here and there and then eventually no longer display the correct time.

When we receive a breathalyzer for calibration, all of the following items are evaluated: battery (ies), connection wires, display, operation of the buttons, sound, mouth input / output. Following the calibration, we verify the accuracy of the results.

Calibration frequency

Your breathalyzer comes precalibrated, but it is recommended to check your device after a number of tests or months of use. Since each device is different, we recommend that you consult our FAQ or your guide for instructions in order to know the frequency of calibration for your device, since the latter may vary from 100 to 1000 tests or 6 to 1 year.

If you rarely use your breathalyzer, calibrate it once a year. The calibration process ensures that your breathalyzer is working properly and its an economical way to significantly increase the life of your breathalyzer.

What is the cost of calibration?

If you bring your alcohol detector to our offices and you just the retrieve, the cost of the calibration service is $34.44, including taxes, EXCEPT for DRIVESAFE models. DRIVESAFE models are sent to the manufacturer and the calibration cost is higher. An agent will inform you when we will receive your device. 

If we need you to return your device by mail, the cost is $45.94, including taxes and including the cost of transportation to Quebec. If you live outside of Quebec, we will contact you information on transportation costs.

What are the procedures to follow?

  1. Upload and read the sheet for calibration - Customers (PDF document)  
  2. Upload, print and complete the form for calibration - to fill (PDF document)
  3. Attach the form for calibration - to fill that you have completed.
  4. Ship your device at your expense to the following address:

    Alco Prevention Canada
    4 800, Autouroute 440 West, Suite 3
    Laval (Quebec) H7T 2Z8

    To ensure the delivery and monitoring of your breathalyzer, we strongly recommend that you obtain confirmation of delivery with the shipment.

  5. Attach your payment (for check: payable to the attention of Alco Prevention Canada and mention that the unit must be calibrated. Include your shipping and return address.
  6. Allow 10 business days for the calibration and shipment of your device, unless otherwise stated.

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