Enterprise Training Program Preventing the Use and Abuse of Psychotropic Substances in the Workplace

Preventing the Use and Abuse of Psychotropic Substances in the WorkplaceEnterprise Training Program

Alco Prevention Canada offers you a comprehensive Intervention policy and procedures package in relation with the prevention of the use and abuse of psychotropic substances in the workplace (alcohol, drugs and medication). A policy in accordance with the laws, regulations and norms of Quebec and of Canada.

A policy is a written document that sets out clearly between other, prevention measures related to the psychotropic substances, regulations, the procedures for intervention and the consequences in the event of a violation to name only a few. Of course, the policy goes well beyond these elements.

The intervention procedures are incorporated between others, a step-by-step guide intended to guide the employer regarding the actions to undertake the day an employee is confronted with the problem of consumption. Other elements, such as a memory aid and forms complement the intervention procedures.

Policy for the prevention of psychotropic substances

  • The collection and analysis of information relating to your business
  • An interview with the Human Resources Service if desired
  • The drafting of a policy

Procedures for interventionand important annexes

  • The drafting of a detailed guide
  • A memory aid
  • Forms
  • The final layout of your documents

Support and advice for the implementation and follow-up

  • Consultation by phone and email during 1 year

Thanks to this policy and procedure package for intervention, you will be able to perform screening tests with employees in critical positions  under certain conditions.

For more information, please call us at 1 888 863-8660 or contact us, since prices can vary depending on the number of participants and the services to which you subscribe.

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